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The Weimaraner was developed by German nobles of the Court of Weimar. Though the breed is suspected of having existed as far back as the seventeenth century, current breed standards were not developed until the 1800's. The Weimaraner was used for the hunting of large predators, such as wolves, wildcats, cougars and bears. In modern times the breed has been effective in the arenas of police, rescue and therapy work.

When the breed was developed, the idea was to create a hunting dog that would be available only to those of favored status. It wasn't until the 1950's that the German government finally allowed a pair of Weimaraners to be brought to America, though some reports show exports of this breed as early as 1929.
Genetic Diseases and Traits that can be tested for:


B Locus - color only
Please be aware that other genetic diseases or developmental abnormalities may still be present. A genetic test does not replace the need for ongoing clinical assessment by a veterinarian. Disease penetrance and clinical assessment of affected animals can only be performed by a qualified veterinarian.

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